Scrap metal gta mod

gta mod

Hey guys i am introducing a new scrap file or gta mod this will help you to find scrap easily .Scrap metal will appear luminous from a long distance. This is also work in online servers like grand role play or fivem it is easy to use and easy to install . There are some steps to install scrap gta mod

Crafting System:

If the mod includes a crafting system, what items or weapons could players craft using scrap metal, and how would the crafting process work.

If you play grand role play then this mod is for you. This scrap metal mod is used to create weapons, you can also create other things with it.

How to install

Step-1 Open your GTA V Game directory.

Step 2- copy scrap file n paste their and click on replace.

You can use that in just 2 easy steps!!

password  -life@099

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